We run free local community Bible study groups, where we study passages of the Bible and discuss what we learn about God at friendly weekly meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m JW/Mormon/Baptist/Pentecostal – will I feel comfortable with what the group leaders say at the meetings?

A. We won’t force any doctrinal opinions on anyone. If something controversial comes up where we have different opinions or views, we respectfully agree to disagree and encourage everybody study it further for themselves.


Q. I’m Hindu/Buddhist/Muslim/New Age/Atheist – but I’m interested in finding out more about Christianity, the Bible and Jesus. Will I be welcome? Will I be pressured to change?

A. You are most welcome to come. We respect your right to believe what you choose to believe. We will help you along your spiritual path as best we can. We won’t pressure you to believe exactly as we do.