We run free local community Bible study groups, where we study passages of the Bible and discuss what we learn about God at friendly weekly meetings.

  • Daily Life
    What God wants you to do with your life
  • Inspiration
    How God does mighty things through normal people
  • Learn
    how to how a relationship with Jesus
  • A fresh start
    Learn how Jesus changes lives
  • Inner Strength
    There is power in the Bible
  • Getting to Know God
    One verse at a time

How can you get to know God?

A. You can get to know God by studying one Bible verse at a time. Come and join one of our small Bible study groups. It’s free.


GTKG groups are non-denominational, which means we welcome everyone regardless of cultural background, age, and religion.

Our Focus

Our focus is on what we can learn from Jesus and the lives of God’s people throughout Biblical history, and how to apply it to everyday living.


You may give online by clicking below. Donations will be used for marketing local GTKG groups so more people find out about us.